Cost: $150.
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Do you want to apply for the National Interest Waiver or EB-1 visa categories but are unsure if you qualify for them? For only $150, we can review your case and give you a thoughtful answer on whether you qualify for either visa, and why you do or do not. After receiving your reply, if you decide to retain our law firm for the filing, we will credit your $150 towards the attorney's fees.

The NIW / EB-1 Case Review Service includes:

The $150 fee is payable via Visa or Mastercard. In the event you hire us to proceed with your chosen filing (or any alternate filing we have suggested to you), the $150 fee shall be fully credited to the attorneys fee.

PLEASE NOTE: This service includes e-mail communication and review ONLY. In most cases, turnaround time will be approximately seven business days.