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Please be advised that non-client services, such as replies to NIW / EB-1 Case Review may take between 7 and 10 business days to answer. ("Business days" excludes all weekends and holidays.) The reason for the possible delay is our firm always handles client casework before non-client casework. If you need an immediate response to your business immigration problem, you must become a client by retaining our firm.

Our on-line research/review services DO NOT constitute the establishment of an attorney/client relationship until such time as Latour and Lleras, P.A. is contracted by you and agrees to undertake representation of the specific immigration proceeding as your legal representative. Before making any decisions based on our research/review services response, you should confirm your actions with your attorney or the attorney representing your employer. If you wish to retain Latour and Lleras, P.A. to consider the specific matter and act as your attorneys, please contact us.

Service: NIW / EB-1 Case Review Service
Fee: $150.00 (US)

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