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A Brief History

Lorenzo M. Lleras, P.A. is an established and highly regarded law firm focusing on immigration law. With over 18 years of experience representing leading U.S. corporations and their foreign employees, Lorenzo M. Lleras, P.A. delivers unrivaled representation at consistently reasonable fees.

Our Performance Record and Costs
The Bottom Line...

Since 1990, we have successfully handled tens of thousands of filings on behalf of our clients. We feel it is important to note that a significant portion of our success is attributable to the fact that we simply do not accept representation from clients whom we do not believe we can help in obtaining successful results.

Pricing Structure

Lorenzo M. Lleras, P.A. endeavors to provide comprehensive and complete representation for the needs of foreign clients and U.S. corporations. This accordingly led us to the decision to bill our clients on a flat-fee basis. We did so for several reasons:

(1) We were troubled by the concept that, using the ordinary billable-hour system, a client could wind up paying a significant amount of money for work yielding little or no results.

(2) With an hourly billing system, there was no built-in fundamental incentive for the firm to achieve the results desired as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

(3) The flat-fee billing system gives clients a better idea of the total costs associated with the work requested. Accordingly, we continue billing on a flat fee basis and have found that our clients unanimously support this system. Occasionally, due to ongoing representation in the capacity as corporate counsel, it is necessary to bill hourly; but we do so only when flat fees are unworkable.

 If you are interested in hiring Lorenzo M. Lleras, P.A. to represent you with your company's immigration matters or your individual immigration matters, please contact us and one of our attorneys will address your situation.